The following tutorial requires the domain you want to setup bought from sakura.

Otherwise, you have to transfer that domain to your sakura account.

You need to buy a sakura mailbox server, which costs 86 yen /month.

Suppose that you have a domain named and the sakura mailbox server account name be mydomainmail with IP address

Now, you want to config the email

Firstly, you have to create info account in your sakura mailbox server panel with password mypassword123, and add your gmail into this email's forward list.

Part 1: config email sending

This part is to enable you send email from Gmail account on behalf of

Similar to this post, add this email to your gmail account with following information

  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 587
  • Username:
  • Password: mypassword123
  • Secured connection using TLS (recommended)

Part 2: config email receiving

This part is to make all mails sent to forwarded to your gmail inbox.

In your DNS setting of the domain. Add these two records

  • Entry: @, type: MX, data: 10 mail. This means when an MTA (mail transfer agent) sends an email to, in order to determine which IP address receiving the email request, the MTA try looking for MX record of the domain, whose value is set as subdomain mail of the same domain (i.e. with priority 10.
    Note: MX record allows having multiple email receiving servers. In the above config, there is only one.
  • Entry: mail, type: A, data: (the IP of the mailbox server). Simply point to your mailbox server

The above 2 records MIGHT be combined to one record entry @, type MX, data the dot at the end of data value). However, I have not tested it yet.

In your mailbox server control panel, choose Domain/SSL setting (ドメイン/SSL設定), press Add new domain (新しいドメインの追加), in the second box(さくらインターネットで取得したドメインを使う). Select your domain and choose send (送信する).

Now all mails sent to are forwarded to, which are stored in the mailbox server provided by sakura, and forward to gmail inbox.

Sakura mailbox does not limit number of emails sent/received nor number of accounts.

There are total 10GB of email be able to be stored in sakura mail server (maximal 2GB for 1 user), whose copies are saved in your gmail inbox if you have followed the setup in this post.