Write react code without JSX

Write react code without JSX

All following snippets are equivalent

const React = require('react')
//or import React from 'react'
const element = React.createElement('div', {id: 'my-div'}, 'hello world')
const element = <div id="my-div">hello world</div>
const element = {
  $$typeof: Symbol.for('react.element'),
  type: 'div',
  props: {
    id: 'my-div',
    children: 'hello world'

'div' can be replaced with react component definition (component class or functional component).

The last method is not recommended, as react element definition can be changed in the future.

In general, <Comp {...props}>{child}</Comp> is transpiled to


If Comp is HTML primary tag, it is replaced by the string value whose value is the tag name.


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